Automatic Resizing

With Spell, you don't have to worry about your runs running out of disk. If you are on our Teams or Enterprise plans and using an external cluster, Spell will automatically resize your disk when it is nearing capacity without interrupting your run. Using any more than 80% of your disk will trigger a resize doubling that disk's capacity. Larger disk size increases cost, but Spell recycles machines that are no longer in use to ensure you are using machines efficiently and keeping costs down. Effectively, this means that runs will always start with the the disk size you specified during machine type creation and resize to larger disks as needed.

AWS disks can resize slowly and only once every six hours. These are limitations of AWS.

GCP disks can resize quickly and multiple times in succession. If you need more disk, the disk will keep resizing.


In order to use this feature on GCP, your cluster must be up to date. To update your cluster, please run spell cluster update